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(Translated by Google) Open every day kah burger crank that you dipondok labu.terima (Original) Buka tiap hari kah burger blenger yg dipondok labu.terima kasih

(Translated by Google) Open Mba (Original) Buka mba

(Translated by Google) If you want to order, can it be 14 or not? How can it be pgy at 8:30 or not? (Original) Kalau mau order, buat tgl 14 bisa ga? Butuhnya pgy pukul 8.30 bisa ga ya?

(Translated by Google) Try asking directly if you can (Original) Coba tanyakan langsung saja apakah bisa

(Translated by Google) Tomorrow open the red date mba? (Original) Besok buka ga mba tanggal merah?

(Translated by Google) Uda open yet? (Original) Uda buka belum?

(Translated by Google) Is Goresto here? (Original) Apa sudah goresto disini?

(Translated by Google) boss already (Original) sudah boss

(Translated by Google) What burgers have opened an outlet in Depok? (Original) Blenger burger apa sdh buka outlet di daerah depok?

(Translated by Google) Not yet (Original) Blm ada

Didaerah pondok labu bisa bayar pake gopay gak?

ora bisa pake gopay

(Translated by Google) Sorry sis, bro, what's the location after the pumpkin bcej market, what is the name he still has (Original) Maaf sis/gan lokasi nya sesudah pasar bcej pondok labu apa sblom nya ia mksh

(Translated by Google) If from the direction of rs.fatmawati after if from the direction of the barren cinere before (Original) Klo dari arah rs.fatmawati sesudah klo dri arah cinere gandul sblum

(Translated by Google) Sorry, I want to ask, is it still open or not (Original) Maaf mau tanya masih buka apa tidak


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